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Lippert 314336 Equa-Flex Spread Tandem Axle Suspension Enhancement

Customer Reviews
Features Equa-Flex rubberized equalizers replace standard cast equalizers to provide a more comfortable towing experience by absorbing road shock/vibrations and reducing fore to after trailer movement knows as chucking 5,200-pound axle capacity Spread tandem axle configuration Easy bolt-on installation; Trailair by Lippert Components Equa-Flex Suspension Upgrade Mounting hardware included Rough roads ahead? Take them on with Equa-Flex, a patented rubberized equalizer that absorbs road shock instead of transferring it to RV and cargo. Equa-Flex delivers a ride that is as smooth as a torsion axle, but at a fraction of the cost. Our patented system allows for the trailer to retain spring axle equalization benefits while offering the smooth ride of a torsion axle. With Equa-Flex, you're getting the best of both worlds. Equa-Flex tested better than the competition in third party road tests. Road shock and vibrations were greatly reduced as well as fore to after movement, otherwise known as chucking. This kit is for a tandem spread axle configuration.